What Kills Scorpions? Can you get rid of scorpions?

Do you want to see a scorpion on your carpet? Effective Scorpion control will kill scorpions.

Where do Scorpions Come From?

Scorpions have lived in the desert areas of the United states for thousands of years. They do not migrate, but they may adapt to a new climate and area if transported there by other species. For example, if you move to Atlanta Georgia and pack a few Las Vegas Scorpions with you then you will soon find scorpions in your new home. In fact, you can even find scorpions as far north as Alaska. Scorpions are built for survival.

Scorpions naturally live outdoors, and do not like to be disturbed. So your problem usually comes from the neighborhood or surrounding area. The pest bio-mass is always lurking nearby. You will find them anywhere there is food and moisture. They enter your home looking for food and water. They can feel the cool air leaving your home through weep-holes and j-rails. Any crack that is the size of a credit card will do. Once in-side the home they will hunt for food in your wall voids. One University study found that the electical wires in your walls actually act as a highway for pests.



Clean In Wall Treatment and Pest Products

Clean Safe Product

In-Wall treatment is more effective and cleaner. Because bugs run along the wires of your home, Bulwark does a whole house treatment and pin points the outlets in your home with product that will last. Once the inside of your home has been properly treated and cleaned out, Bulwark will keep pests from re-entering with a regular exterior treatment. This prevents the neighborhood pests problem from coming back into your home.



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