Where do scorpions live?

Where do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions live pretty much everywhere. They like tight places to sleep in so you will find them climbing into shoes, gloves, folded towels, and other obscure locations to rest for the day. They live in walls because the walls of a home provide water and food.

What Do Scorpions Eat?

Simply put, scorpions eat other bugs.

Where do Scorpions come from?

Scorpions are native to Mesa and Phoenix.

How do scorpions get into my home?

Scorpions can enter a home from any gap that is 1/8th inch or larger. They enter through j-rails and doors. They enter through windows. Home seals and weep-hole screens can reduce this, but your best defense is a good exterior barrier from a monthly pest control application.

What eats scorpions?

Scorpions make good lizard food. There are many predators to scorpions, birds, cats, mice, rats, even humans in certain locations eat scorpions. So lizards eat scorpions, spiders eat scorpions, scorpions eat scorpions and people eat scorpions.

Does Pest Control work against Scorpions?

Certain pest control methods and specific pesticides have been proven effective in residual control of scorpions. Bulwark has based is scorpion control service off of University finds. But don't just take Bulwark's word for it, see their customer comments to the East Valley Tribune.




Clean In Wall Treatment and Pest Products

Clean Safe Product

A key factor in successful scorpion control is the product and where you place the product. Scorpions hide out in your wall voids. Placing the right pest product in the walls is cleaner and more effective then spraying all the base boards in your home. This technique also keeps the product out of your living space and puts it where the bugs live. In-Wall treatments are more effective and cleaner.



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